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Future of Privacy Forum Launches One-Stop Shop Website for Student Privacy

As schools increasingly rely on data to improve education, and as teachers increasingly rely on technology in the classroom to improve the learning experience, privacy concerns are being raised about the collection and use of student data. With ‘back to school’ now in full-swing, and to address both the promise and challenges surrounding privacy and…Continue Reading

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Safeguarding Student Data Privacy: Key Questions—And Answers

Education data are a powerful tool that can help all with a stake in education—from families and educators, to state and federal policymakers— in their efforts to support students and identify pathways to success. When teachers have appropriate access to data on their students, they can individualize their instruction, communicate better with students and their…Continue Reading

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How Your Device Tracks Your Movements, and What You Can Do About It

An exciting new update to the iOS operating system—that’s the one that powers Apple’s portable devices, like iPhones, iPads, and certain iPods—is coming this fall, and for users concerned about their privacy and data security, this update can’t come a minute too soon. Besides a number of features that are intended to make Apple consumers’…Continue Reading

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Scam Alert: Netflix Phishing Scam

Netflix users beware: according to several sources, there is a new scam targeting users of the popular video streaming service Netflix. In this scam, a pop-up ad resembling Netflix’s login page is tricking consumers into handing over their personal information.  Once they’ve entered their account information, victims are told that their account has been suspended…Continue Reading

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Awareness Through Images

Here at the ITRC, we are incredibly excited about the release of our first infographic. A large part of the work we do here at the ITRC is tracking, analyzing and disseminating information regarding reported  data breaches. This work ranges from updating our data breach report weekly to  helping victims; often we  provide best safety…Continue Reading

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Privacy Matters

The news media recently reported an unfortunate incident in which a daughter’s Facebook brag allegedly breached the terms of her father’s confidential settlement with his former employer, potentially costing the family approximately $80,000. The incident is unfortunate for several reasons including, among other things, that the daughter has received negative public attention, which some have…Continue Reading

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Who Would Want my Identity?

A common question that we hear from victims calling into our Victim Assistance Call Center is, “Who would ever want to steal MY identity?” They are surprised that anyone would waste their time trying to abuse their identity as they often believe there is nothing to gain. Some victims believe that because their credit score…Continue Reading

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Data Privacy Day 2014

Since 2008, people and organizations around the world have joined together on January 28th to celebrate Data Privacy Day. Led by the National Cyber Security Alliance, it is an effort to empower and educate people to protect their privacy, control their digital footprint, and make the protection of privacy and data a greater priority in…Continue Reading

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5 Steps to Begin Managing Your Digital Footprint

In honor of Data Privacy Day, iKeepSafe Compliance Advisor Linnette Attai explained five steps for managing your digital footprint. “It’s the start of a new year – a time to look at our habits with fresh eyes, make positive changes and tackle life with renewed energy and enthusiasm.   It’s also a great time to take…Continue Reading

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Privacy – Important Tips to Consider

Starting at a young age, parents teach children to protect their privacy and steer clear of situations that may be potentially dangerous both physical and emotionally. Kids are encouraged to avoid strangers, report bullying and stand-up for themselves if they feel they are being treated unfairly. With the permeation of the internet into our culture,…Continue Reading

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Apps: What they may mean for your privacy

Ever had that suspicious feeling that someone is watching you, monitoring your every move, surreptitiously spying from the shadows? You probably shrugged it off as unwarranted paranoia. But maybe your suspicions weren’t so unwarranted after all. The truth is, a majority of us can be found 24/7 with palm-sized tracking devices in our pockets. Yes,…Continue Reading

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Teachable Moments about Identity Theft

As parents, we start teaching our kids the basics of how the world—and everything in it—works. The Cow goes Moo, the sky is blue, keep your identity true. This suggestion may feel like it goes a bit too far, but does it really? One of the new basics should be helping our children to understand…Continue Reading

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Protecting Your Privacy on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a wonderful social network that helps connect professionals to others in their field. As far as a networking tool, it is incredibly useful. However, just because you would like to connect with others of similar interest does not mean you want everyone to know your every move. Being that LinkedIn uses your activities…Continue Reading

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Online Privacy: What Are You Doing About It?

There is a lot of talk about online privacy and identify theft, but who is doing something about it? Most adults are aware they need to protect personal information online, but unfortunately, that’s as far as it goes.  Only 38% of adults said they were “aware of ways to limit how much information websites can collect about them” in…Continue Reading

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iKeepSafe plays a pivotal role in Data Privacy Day 2013

iKeepSafe joined others around the globe and celebrated Data Privacy Day earlier this week. The day’s theme was respecting privacy, safeguarding data and enabling trust, and actually lasted for two days—not just one. iKeepSafe CEO and President Marsali Hancock spoke on the second day of the event, focusing her remarks on how individuals are emotionally…Continue Reading

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COPPA, Parents and Personal Information

“We give up massive amounts of personal data on a daily basis,” says Liz Gannes of The Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital. Do you know what products, services, and apps know about you or your children?  Do you know what personal information is being collected, analyzed and shared? Such questions and concerns are behind…Continue Reading

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Student Social Security numbers continue to be vulnerable to a security breach

According to, in 2012 alone over 1,503,851 educational institutions have had sensitive information breached, hacked, or stolen. In 2011, 572,975 records were breached, hacked, or stolen. This concerning information should be a high priority for all school districts. Rick Carlson, President of Panda Security US stated, “While the Internet is an invaluable tool for…Continue Reading

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Sgrouples for Privacy?

Many people have a love / hate relationship with Facebook.  They feel like their personal business is all over the place, but if they choose not to place their personal business all over the place, they then feel left out. While some people have actually taken the leap and deactivated their Facebook accounts, most of…Continue Reading

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How to Incite a 7th Grade Uprising

Try this… stand in front of a roomful of 12 and 13-year olds and deliver the following announcement: “Class, a team of researchers will be coming to your school tomorrow to monitor your every move. These observers will record where you go (including the restroom, lunch area, playground, etc.), how long you spend there, whom…Continue Reading

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Spokeo is Down, but Not Out

A company called Spokeo has recently become the first online data aggregator to be fined by the Federal Trade Commission for their online activities. Spokeo is a website known as an online data aggregator and has been the target of many privacy advocates for some time now.  The site compiles information found throughout the web…Continue Reading

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