Safe Plans: Comprehensive Emergency Preparedness

SafePlans and iKeepSafe are pleased to announce their partnership to provide online and real-world safety and emergency preparedness services to educators, policymakers, and the communities they serve. With this partnership, iKeepSafe and SafePlans are integrating their respective products and services to offer a set of robust solutions designed to protect students and staff in the “online and offline” space.

SafePlans’ ERIP solution is the first and only system that provides integrated planning, training, and site mapping solutions via the Internet. ERIP is a fully customizable and scalable, cloud-based preparedness solution that integrates:

1. Planning

  • Server-based plan development for all-hazards emergency plans in less time.
  • Intuitive planning process that meets desired criteria and provides consistent formatting.
  • Integrate site-specific information into established best practice emergency plan templates.
  • Online plans are also available in pdf format for viewing, printing, and storage on many media platforms
  • Plan revision control for easier dissemination.


2. Training and Emergency Preparedness

  • On-demand, relevant training for personnel at all levels and functions.
  • Educate stakeholders and facility leaders in emergency response and management policies.
  • Interactive and best practices-based templates.
  • Supports and enhances traditional training programs.


3. Tactical Response Information & Site Mapping

  • Provides first responders access to critical site information, such as floor plans and utility shutoffs.
  • Upload facility schematics, photographs and rosters into the portal. Public safety agencies are provided special “read-only” accounts.


Visit the ERIP™ website to learn how it can be used along with many other emergency preparedness products and services to enhance and compliment safety and security!


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