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You don’t have to be a computer expert to keep your child safe online.

You can help your child become a responsible, ethical digital citizen with healthy online relationships. To do that, you’ll use the same successful parenting skills that you’re already using at home. Resilient digital citizens recognize and seek out the 3Cs—appropriate contact, content, and conduct—in all digital settings (e.g., iPods,instant messaging, chat, computer games, game consoles, cell phones, text messaging, webcams). To help you teach your children to safely and ethically use their digital devices, iKeepSafe has created the following programs:

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BEaPRO™ Parent App

When it comes to child online safety, there’s no one better than mom and dad to foster healthy habits. To make your job easier, we’ve created the iKeepSafe BEaPRO™ Parent app. It will help you know what you need to know and where to look for answers.

Faux Paw the Techno Cat

The Faux Paw books and animated DVD series will captivate the attention of your young children and illustrate the important principles you desperately want to teach them about the safe and responsible use of technology.

Parent’s Guide to Facebook

Designed to teach parents how to help their teens strengthen their privacy and safety on Facebook, the guide features important topics such as risks involved in social networking, how to parent Facebook users, managing reputation in the digital age, managing your privacy on Facebook, reporting problems and more. The guide will also be translated into other languages such as Arabic and distributed internationally

Parent Safety Index Report 2013

The iKeepSafe BEaPRO™ Parent Safety Index report identifies the six core competencies – The 6 Pillars of Digital Citizenship and Wellness – that keep kids safe online in our digitally connected culture. They are: balance, ethics, privacy, reputation, relationships and online security.

Project PRO

Project PRO is a partnership between the American School Counselor Association (ASCA), AT&T and iKeepSafe that has created an interactive program promoting the importance of security and online reputation to students nationwide.


Read more about the digital citizenship topics students need to understand to become full, resilient digital citizens by clicking HERE.


It’s your identity. Defend it.

Identity thieves and cyber-criminals are continually finding new ways to take advantage of those who are unprepared and unprotected—including online and through your home computer. It’s never been more important to protect your privacy, your credit, your money, and those you care about most.

iDefend® provides you with the 7 key areas of protection you need to defend yourself against today’s identity thieves and cyber-criminals. No other service gives you this level of protection – period.

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